Uncovering The Pearls

That Will Make Your Business Shine.

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Welcome to Pearl Recruiting & Consulting!

As a small business owner, your business’ success depends upon your team’s success. Each hire is crucial. You want and need your team to grow, but knowing what to look for and finding the perfect fit is challenging.

Hiring can be burdensome. Recruiting and interviewing for a new hire can be overwhelming and time-consuming for both you and your team. Job board postings and large recruiting firm contracts can be expensive… often with dismal results. And let’s not forget about the cost of making a wrong hire – a setback no business wants.

Imagine hiring the right team members, without the stress.

That’s where Pearl Recruiting & Consulting comes in. As a small business owner, hiring and developing the right people so that the business and team can thrive is critical. Whether you're trying to fill a key position or figure out a way to set your team up for success, we’ve got you covered.

Your talent challenges and business goals are unique; therefore, we provide a range of customized solutions to meet your needs. As your dedicated talent partner, you can trust that we will work tirelessly to help you find and develop the perfect match, uncovering the pearls that will make your business shine.

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Talent Solutions

Talent Acquisition Strategy

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Making successful hires is critical to the success of your business. A well-defined talent acquisition strategy ensures a smooth and seamless process, taking the stress out of finding the right fit for your team.

Talent Recruitment

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Finding candidates who not only meet the technical requirements for the role but also possess the soft skills and cultural fit necessary for long-term success will allow your team and your business to thrive.

Talent Growth & Development

Business Training

Talent Development Programs help your team improve their communication and align personal values with your business goals, leading to greater job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Sara Acocks

Founder & President


At Pearl Recruiting & Consulting, it is my belief that every individual is like a pearl, unique and valuable in their own way.

I see myself as a facilitator of growth and development, both for the candidates I place and for the businesses I serve. My mission is to uncover the perfect match between employer and employee, creating a fit that allows both parties to thrive.

Finding talent is like uncovering a gem, and Pearl Recruiting & Consulting is here to help you uncover the pearls that will make your business shine.

My approach to recruitment is focused on getting to know your business goals as well as getting to know each candidate as an individual, understanding their unique talents and career aspirations. By doing so, I am able to match your business to candidates that not only possess the hard skills needed to succeed but also align with the worktsyle of the role and the values of the organization.

It would be an honor to be your partner in finding and hiring the best candidates for your team. Book an appointment with me today to learn more about how Pearl Recruiting & Consulting can help you achieve your talent and business goals.

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